5 steps to accomplish anything you want

  1. Visualization of self confidence

If you would take a minute now and see yourself from an external eye, how would you describe the way you are and what could you add to generate the perfect image of your character? 

You can visualize your future in a creative way, see yourself worthy and deserving abundance that is in your life or that you look for in the future. Just like Yoda says: “the power is within you to create and unleash, what you need to know is already inside you” and this means that when you define your purpose and your values you can start seeing the image of your life or even better you create it. 

  1. Have Faith & Purpose

Having faith means that you have the certainty of the results that you will get and no matter what can happen you will make it happen. Have desire to succeed to live happy and contribute and add to that the faith inside that what you are doing is for the greater purpose, and somehow you will be rewarded for it.

Appreciate yourself and what you already have, whatever the background the culture or the experience that you have lived, you are put in that position or through that experience for a reason and the faith you can have about that reason will push you to accomplish anything.

Think of the worst experience you have ever lived, say to yourself, after living that, now I can do anything and, on that path, Develop your skills in kindness, being gentle, contribution to others, and gratitude.

  1. Decision Making:

Whatever you want to achieve starts with a decision to begin. Making decisions is the main skill that each human must learn at a young age and if have not learned it, you must learn it now. 

Deciding is the hardest step of making it happen. According to the Pareto principle that says 80% of your success is psychological and 20% is implementation, this means that once you made the decision you have prepared yourself mentally to jump and you are ready to do the work of the 20% of your project.

One important thing to learn about making decisions is the habit of making solid long-term ones, and not changing them every now and then. People who succeed and reach the top are long term decision makers, they make one decision to achieve a goal and they do not change it until they achieve it, and what they do change is the approach they use to making it happen.

  1. Planning:

This might seem the most obvious thing to say, that when you do something you must plan it and it is true. Think about the best holiday you have ever been to, I bet you have planned it well and have seen it all happening even before you traveled. 

Having a plan is like traveling with a GPS, where google or siri are guiding you, at every turn they direct you to which direction to take until you reach your destination.

Create the habit of having an annual, monthly, weekly, and daily plans. This will give you the strength of controlling what you do, and what you can focus on every step of the way.

  1. The time will never be right

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is unknown and today is the bliss. If you have something that you have always dreamed of or desired, start today don’t keep on wishing and saying Someday I will do it, someday does not exist. 

Do not put your life on hold, because the only moment guaranteed for you is the Now. You have a great unique power inside of you and a real purpose that you can live for so you can begin in this very moment living in the ways that humans were intended to live, seeking success, happiness, and peace.

Free yourself from fear doubt and worry and create the unique life you truly deserve.

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