Seven Ways of thinking to be more creative

Whether you work for a company or you own and run a business, being creative about your product, your marketing, your offers, your sales pitch, your value, your productivity is essential to the growth path that you can be on.

One of the most important lessons that you can learn from all the successful and most achieving people in the world is that you need to control your thinking and change it whenever it is needed to ensure that you are not stuck.

Tony Robbins said: “if you start a business and keep on the same level of income throughout the years, then the only thing you did was to create a job for yourself”. This does not only apply to businesses, but also to individuals who work on a job, you need to innovate and increase the value you add to your organization.

Here below you will learn the seven ways of thinking that can help you reshape the neuro connectors in your brain and start a new process to reshape your life and your business:

1- Association Thinking:

This method is when you associate different things to each other so you can remember them. In other words, start creating the links between the different projects or activities that you are working on so you do not have to force yourself to remember what is it about.

2- Combination Thinking:

By combining different items to form one new object that works in harmony you can create a bigger chunk of a project that helps you see the full picture and work on the same different topics in a general harmonious way.

3- Adaptation thinking:

Adapting means finding the solution of your challenging issue through another application from another sector. Use items applied in one sector or industry and adapt it to be used in another. Adapting old products to new uses, old methods to new applications is the limit of your own creativity.

Think of the smart phone, it is the greatest way of adapting different technologies into one device.

4- Substitution Thinking:

Think in your life what could be possible to change and use something either different, modern, innovative that can substitute the material you are using now and that can add a huge value into your project.

For Example, if you use an excel based CRM (Customer Registration Management) you can substitute that with a modern software that can ease your work, save you time and keep more organized.

5- Magnification Thinking:

think big, tall buildings, king size, giant packages, big meals etc… whether you sell a product, provide a service or invest your skills in a job, magnify what you deliver, give the client some huge options 

6- Minification Thinking:

This is not about minimizing the thought; it is about finding ways to make things smaller and more portable to save space and capabilities. think small (solar batteries, transistor, compact car, smaller size portable items, the bikini….

7- Rearrangement Thinking:

Turn things around, backwards, upside down, inside out. Change pace, alter sequence, think of modifying changing colors, motion, timing, sound, odor, taste, firm, and shape.

Check those ways and start to rething differently and create the unique life you deserve

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