My Story

My passion to teaching and coaching started nearly 15 years ago when I was teaching physics and mathematics. I reinforced it through my work as humanitarian worker by helping my colleagues and staff to grow their skills and finally Mastered the art of helping others through becoming the disciple of the greatest coach in the world Tony Robbins.

Today I am on a mission to help 1 million people find their purpose, tap into their full potential and create a difference in their life to create a better world for generations to come.


I have developed (and continuously developing) skills and techniques based on the teachings and experience he gained by modeling some of the most influential coaches and mentors in the world and I created my own unique way to pass it on, speak and simplify it so you can get the maximum benefit.

Work with me

My specialty work is with Professionals, CEOs and managers to develop  strategies and grow their sales and position their business as a flagship for their industry